Nathalie de Frouville has a master degree in marketing and advertising. She developed during 15 years the portfolio of clients on the behalf of a british market research company. Then, passionated by Art and Artists, she created in 2013 a communication agency for companies, cultural institutions or Art Fair with a departement dedicated to Artists.

Sophie Verchère headed the communications department of different industrial groups. In 2011 she decided to pursue her passion for art, she improved her knowledge with courses in the Louvre, the study of colors through heraldry and a degree at Drouot. Experiences in galleries, organisation of exhibitions and consultancy brought her to a solid knowledge of the art markets and its networks. In 2016, she decided to join the team and work with the NdF Agency on Art Coaching.

Eva Viallon

Eva is a photographer and retoucher since 2 years. She contributes to the NdF Agency since 2017, by taking photographs of works of the Agency’s artists. She also produces videos and photo- reportage for events that the Agency take part in.

Catherine Borieworked for 20 years in the cultural and patronage sector mainly in the music business. The organization of events, consultancy and strategy linked to the artists and their careers are her main activities. Katy works since 2015 as a cultural engineer for NdF Agency.


Roman Koenig
is photographer and video artist. Since 2016 he works at the NdF Agency making photo report during exhibitions and videos at events or Art Fairs. He also does artists portraits from the agency and their artworks.


  • Stakeholders in art; collectors, galleries, curators,
  • Economic decision makers; companies in all sectors, sponsors
  • Artists; established and emerging
  • Press and media in France and abroad; print journalists, radio and web TV, editor, producer.
  • Market Research Companies.