Nathalie de Frouville offers to artists a personalised support putting together a business strategy from the reality of the international market of contemporary art. She offers services that provide exposure to artists, optimizing their communication to galleries, collectors, media, and institutions and creating a strong image.

Artists Agent

What do you expect from an agent ?

Many artists approach me with very little clear idea of ​​their needs. The first appointment can analyze your situation in phase with the market. Deep inside you, you are an artist since a long time, you have produced a body of work but do you know what public, collectors, gallery, companies would be likely to be interested? Have you thought about the best way to promote your artwork? Have you worked your presentation for the media? Where do you see yourself in 10 or 20 years? What do you really want to accomplish? What is synonymous of success for you? These are the issues on which we must work first so that I can identify the type of services I can offer you.

Our Services

There is no identical package, each artist may use the services of the agent according to his needs:
  • Edit and select the best work to attract apublic
  • Development of tools to present and create visibility for your work: creation or improvement of your website, optimisation of social networks, PR, statement text
  • Development of a national and international network, participation to public and private events, contact with decision makers in arts and culture
  • Multiplication of connections to find sales opportunities, exhibitions, contest
  • With the help of a lawyer, redaction of contracts, certificates of authenticity
  • Research of sales opportunities with private and institutional art buyers (collectors, corporations, foundations, galleries, etc…), licensing contracts.
  • Logistics: carrier, freight, customs, search for storage solutions, package solutions.

Our Remuneration

Everything has a price… The services of the agent is paid either on a commission taken on all your income related to your art or on the payment of specific services (editing, PR, translation, organisation of exhibition). So be aware of your needs and let’s discuss the rates accordingly.